Plant lighting

Hydro Huisman has recently started working with Indoor Green Lighting, the specialist in the field of plant lighting. 

We often see in practice that plants do not receive the sufficient or correct amount of lighting they require to grow optimally. Everyone knows that plants need water and nutrition to grow, but the right lighting is often forgotten. As a result, plants, trees and green walls do not reach full growth, are in poor condition and can die in the long run. Dead plants are continually replaced by new plants. This is unnecessary, expensive and above all not sustainable.

The solution to this is to give plants the lighting they deserve and with which they can grow optimally. Plants need the right color spectrum and light intensity.

Color spectrum
When plants are placed in front of skylights, domes of coated windows, the light colors that are essential for the plants are blocked The correct color spectrum for the plant cannot be observed with the human eye. A ‘PAR’ meter is used for this, which can ‘read’ these existing colors. The available color spectrum in the plant lighting allows plants to grow well and optimally.

Light intensity 
In addition to the correct color spectrum, the light intensity must also be sufficient. A shade plant needs very different light than a tropical palm. How much light a plant or tree needs is expressed in these PAR values. These indicate the growth potential of the plant or tree. This is read in micromole (µmol/m²/sec). Finally, it is important that indoor plants receive about 8 to 10 hours of light every day.