Artificial flowers and plants

Within the Hydro Huisman range it is also possible to order artificial flowers and plants. This is a range consisting of a diverse selection of artificial palms, artificial hanging plants, artificial cacti & artificial trees. You can order these products via Hydro Huisman to complete your order with other plants and/or pots from our own selection. See the photos below for inspiration, directly from the Maxifleur BV showroom in Aalsmeer.

Outside the showroom, the Hydro Huisman team has also made a special selection from the range of artificial plants that Maxifleur sells.

The hand-selected products consist of larger artificial plants (150 cm – 250 cm), medium-sized artificial plants (50 cm – 150 cm) & small artificial plants (15 cm – 50 cm).

The products below, larger artificial plants, consist of the Monstera Giant Deluxe in 210 cm, the Ficus Exotica Deluxe in 210 cm & the Philodendron Deluxe in 210 cm.

In addition to larger plants, Maxifleur also has good options for artificial plants in medium sizes from 50 to 120 cm. Here you see the Philo Xanadu in 110 cm, the Strelitzia in 115 cm & the Alocasia Calidora in 115 cm.

Finally, there is also plenty of choice in the range for lovers of small plants up to 50 cm. Here you see the Calathea Ornata in 45 cm, the Royal Lyrata in 45 cm & Chlorophythum in 30 cm.